170622 szekelyfono gms 15 resizeEZREK OPERÁJA – Kodály Zoltán: Székely fonó (a Magyar Állami Operaház vendégjátéka)The Spinning Room is the epitome of Kodály’s efforts. When the Opera commissioned a full-length version of the work from the composer in 1931, it wasn’t an opera that Kodály intended to write – instead his aim was to re-discover the Hungarian folk song and rely on its simple dramatic power. Now, the audience will get the chance to see through the eyes of a Polish director, Michał Znaniecki, how a foreign artist perceives this quintessentially Hungarian work.


Genre pictures in Hungarian with English surtitles Guest performance by the Hungarian State Opera House
Conductor: Balázs Kocsár
Directed by: Michał Znaniecki


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