190617sarik 17Sárik Péter TrióPéter Sárik Trio is one of the most popular and most significant performers in contemporary Hungarian jazz. In addition to their own compositions they are not afraid of bold adventures into other musical genres, including classical transcriptions..





Péter sárik Trio: X Bartók

190617sarik 5Sárik Péter

Péter Sárik - piano
Tibor Fonay - double bass
Attila Gálfi - drums


“Besides Bartók, I cannot think of another composer who had such an immense impact on contemporary jazz. This is why jazz and Bartók are a perfect match: his piano pieces sound even more characteristic adapted to a trio while orchestral pieces and folk song adaptations also show new facets and open enormous ground to improvisation." (Péter Sárik)




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