kesselyak musorfuzetGergely Kesselyák art directorThe management of Bartók Plus Opera Festival was awarded with Pro Urbe prize by the city of Miskolc this year. We sincerely thank the audience of Miskolc for it and we will take pride mentioning it to our guests.

The international specialized press pays particular attention to the festival’s professional programs, our aspirations to create contemporary popular opera.

The saying goes "No one can be a prophet in their own land." I do not agree. Moreover, I think, that most of us are born into places because that is where we have a job in the first place. No doubt, however, that this job is the hardest to carry out.

The reason why this prize is extremely important is that it reflects understanding of an international success in this country, and that inspires us all to re-think why we originally started the festival in 2001. We wanted to help Miskolc prosper and flourish. To have the city’s small and old celebrate together during these ten days. Not just opera lovers, but everyone. We have a lot more to do in this respect.

In the name of our Pro Urbe prized management, I kindly ask the ones who care about our city’s future to join in, and – in addition to the professional achievements – bring back the community’s initial zest: ‘Music makes a town’

Gergely Kesselyák
festival director