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Read more: Nagy ZsoltZsolt Nagy began his musical career as a coach and conductor at the City Theatre of Békécsaba (1976/79) in Hungary. At the age of 23 he took up conducting studies with István Párkai at the Academy of Music in Budapest (diploma in 1984).

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Read more: Vittorio Parisiconductor

Vittorio Parisi studied at the G.Verdi Conservatorium in Milan with Azio Corghi (composition),
Piero Rattalino (piano) Mario Gusella and Gianluigi Gelmetti (conducting); he also attended
masterclasses with Kirill Kondrashin (he was the only italian pupil of the famous Russian
conductor) and with Terence Lovett and George Hurst in England.

Read more: Alexander Priorconductor, composer

Born on October 5, 1992 in London – is quite a sensation.

The son of an English farmer and a Russian mother who loves the arts (though she is not a musician), his breathtaking musical development and career were hardly predictable, nor was he encouraged or pushed to become a musician. On the contrary!

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közreműködők: karmester
kategóriák: előadók, alkotók

Read more: György Selmeczi György Selmeczi represents the composer-conductor type in the most favourable way from inside he feels and undergoes musical structrures, colours, tempos, types, and he is able to communicate them in a purely musical way with a special ability: he plays music reserved, still with pregnancy" (Tibor Tallián).

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