Sonya Yoncheva (photo: Gregor Hohenberg / SonyClassical)Sonya Yoncheva (photo: Gregor Hohenberg / SonyClassical)The young Bulgarian soprano Sonya Yoncheva a few years ago took the opera world by storm, and today she is one of the stars of New York’s Metropolitan Opera. At the Opening Gala the orchestra will be the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Miskolc.  

The Metropolitan Opera in New York launched this season with Sonya Yoncheva in a leading role. The excellent Bulgarian soprano was compared to Maria Callas and considered now the best Violetta (Verdi: Traviata) in the world by Die Welt.
Sonya Yoncheva will now stand on the stage of Bartók Plus Opera Festival with her talented brother, Marin Yonchev.

The other soloist of the night will be Bianka Szauer, the little girl playing the harp, who became known in the telivision talent show, Virtuosi. 

Soloists: Sonya Yoncheva (soprano) | Marin Yonchev (tenor) | Bianka Szauer (harp)

Contributing: Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, Miskolc

Conductor: Alexander Prior

Ticket prices: 5000/3500/2000 HUF
10. June 2016, Friday 20:30 h – Miskolc National Theatre - Grand Theatre 
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