Interviews – 2014

Read more: Viktória VizinDuring the interview mezzo-soprano Viktória Vizin was talking about her operetta role and the performance of The merry widow as passionately as she was singing and acting on the stage. I made this interview with Viktória Vizin after the premiere of The merry widow about operetta, her recent opera roles and her plans for the future.

Read more: György SelmecziGyörgy Selmeczi’s opera Byzantium was premiered at the ’Bartók +’ Miskolc Opera Festival on the 14th of June at the Miskolc Summer Theatre. We made the interview with the composer before the premiere.

Read more: Martina FiljakInterview with the Croatian pianist Martina Filjak, who played Bartók's Piano concerto No. 2. in the opening concert called ’Bartók, the romantic’ at the 'Bartók+ Opera Festival' in Miskolc, Hungary. The interview with the pianist was made before the concert.

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