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Read more: Viktória VizinDuring the interview mezzo-soprano Viktória Vizin was talking about her operetta role and the performance of The merry widow as passionately as she was singing and acting on the stage. I made this interview with Viktória Vizin after the premiere of The merry widow about operetta, her recent opera roles and her plans for the future.

Read more: György SelmecziGyörgy Selmeczi’s opera Byzantium was premiered at the ’Bartók +’ Miskolc Opera Festival on the 14th of June at the Miskolc Summer Theatre. We made the interview with the composer before the premiere.

Read more: Martina FiljakInterview with the Croatian pianist Martina Filjak, who played Bartók's Piano concerto No. 2. in the opening concert called ’Bartók, the romantic’ at the 'Bartók+ Opera Festival' in Miskolc, Hungary. The interview with the pianist was made before the concert.

Read more: Gala and the Final of the Opera Composition CompetitionThe program of the Bartók+ Opera Festival 2014 in Miskolc was finished with Erika Miklósa’s concert and the announcement of the results of the Opera Composition Competition.

In the first part of the Gala we could listen to an about 20-minute excerpt from each of the three finalist works of the Opera Composition Competition. The three operas were Eugenia Manolides’ La pisanella, Andrzej Karalow’s Kepler and Apor Szüts’ The chirurgeonin Halle. These were already performed in full version earlier, on the 17th of June, but only with a piano accompaniment (see our report about it in the Festival Journal, in an article of the 5th day).

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Concert by the Women’s Choir of the Béla Bartók Music Institute

18:00 h
Choral works by contemporary composers – György Orbán, Levente Gyöngyösi, Miklós Kocsár, Ēriks Ešenvalds, Pablo Casals – and classics... | go to event page »

Bluebeard + Aleksandr Scriabin: Prometheus: The Poem of Fire | Béla Bartók: Bluebeard’s Castle

21:00 h
“ encounter of operatic and symphonic poetry...” Aleksandr Scriabin: Prometheus: The Poem of Fire a concert with light show Lighting... | go to event page »

Albin Fries: Nora

19:00 h
Winner of the 2018 Opera Composition Competition Opera in three acts, in German In the main roles: Sonnenfels – Pedro Velázquez Díaz Arthur... | go to event page »

Igudesman& Joo – A Little Nightmare Music Show

18:00 h
Just when you thought it was safe... The concert begins. The music is sublime. Not even a pin would dare drop. Suddenly, a cellphone rings and... | go to event page »

OPERA FOR THOUSANDS – Pietro Mascagni: Cavalleria rusticana (Rustic Chivalry)

21:15 h
Opera in one act, in Italian “Opera for Thousands” presenting immortal masterpieces of world operatic literature will feature Pietro... | go to event page »

Pietro Mascagni: Iris

19:00 h
Opera in two parts, three acts, in Italian Libretto: Luigi Illica Guest performance of the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre (Plzen, Czech) Cast:... | go to event page »

3 Tenors – Concluding Gala Performance

19:00 h
Programme: Works by VERDI, PUCCINI, GUNOD, TCHAIKOVSKI, STRAUSS, DERACO, and other popular composers Soloists: Galeano Salas, István Horváth,... | go to event page »
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