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190620nora 19

Winner of the 2018 Opera Composition Competition

Opera in three acts, in German





Albin Fries: Nora

190620nora 25Opera in three acts, in German

In the main roles:
Sonnenfels – Pedro Velázquez Díaz
Arthur - Valentina Pluzhnikova
Nora, Desirée - Sylwia Olszyńska
Andre - Morten Frank Larsen
Clara – Katalin Vámosi

Directed by: Ferenc Anger
Set and Costume Design: Gergely Z. Zöldy
Conducted by: Ádám Cser
Contributing: Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, Miskolc

190620nora 29Austrian composer Albin Fries’ opera, Nora won the international Opera Composition Competition by Bartók Plus Opera Festival in 2018. The entire work will be first presented to the audience here, at the Miskolc Festival.

“My plan was to write a counterpart to the intellectual operas of today, an opera about love once again. I purposely chose a sentimental libretto. Since my musical style is late Romantic tonal, the story is also set between 1890 and 1910. What is the message of the opera? Perhaps that the protagonist Arthur can only understand the pure quality of love by loving his child.” (Albin Fries)



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