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opera |World première

A joint production of Bartók Plus Opera Festival and the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music

Libretto: László Jánik
Directed by: András Almási-Tóth
Conductor: Szabolcs Sándor

Featuring Andrea Rost


21 - 06 - 2017 – Miskolci Nemzeti Színház, Nagyszínház


(Opera synopsis)

Somewhere in Europe, around the millennium during a war.

ln the monastery of the town surrounded by the soldiers the novices give food to the inhabitants. They sing about the cold the famine and the war. Reclining of his daughter , Mirela arrives the captain of the garrison: Slava. He takes the prelate to ask why he does not allow the novices to fight? Duet about home and human and divine justice. Frater, the prelate is adamant at this point. After his short pray Slava puts daughter in Plamens, one of the young novices care and goes away letargically. The girl is upset because she has not received any news about her husband for three month. Baldo went to the battlefield on the following day of their wedding. Mirela pours her heart out to Plamen, about whom turns out that he is not just very similar to Miras husband but they are brothers. Both of them courted Mirela but Plamen renounced the girl in his brothers favour. Watching the lines of Plamens face, she recalls of the face of her husband. Because of this the conjugal declaration of love hurts the boy very had.

After Mirela left the novices swear that the are going to murder Boyra the captain of the enemy, after escaping from the town via a secret tunnel. They draw Plamen so he has the opportunity to accomplish the dangerous mission first.

The next scene is the camp of the enemy. They celebrate the near victory. A loud bacchanalia is happening led by the captain. His henchman and faithful friend stands by him all the time. Plamen arrives at that moment in a disguise. He recognize shocked that the henchman is his own brother. After this he strives to get close to him to ask what is happening. Baldo tells him that he wants to kill the leader as well bud Plamen does not believes him. Plamen takes his brothers gun and wants to kill Boyra. Baldo to protect his brother does not allow this. During the fight the gun goes off and hurts Baldo. The soldiers catch Plamen, who is not willing to betray his companions. He holds his arm into the frre of the nearest barrel, showing how much power the faith and the love of his nation gives to him.

During his double suffering he tells that even if he can not succeed, there are others following him, and Boyra wont ever be in safe. The leader is amazed by the moral strength of the boy and pushes him away from the frre. Boyra is totally shocked, set the boy free and retreats his troops.

The news of the enemies escape spread in the town like wildfire.

Slava kneels in the middle of the church and prays above a body. Plamen had left his brother there before he left into exile. The loss of both of the brothers is like a bot out of the blue for Mirela. The memories of the last meeting with her brother-in-law are back and the pictures of the two faces are mixed in her con:fused mind. lnher pain she can not hear her father, just like Plamen before and meanwhile the people are celebrating the wonderful release, she hangs herself up on the bell rope.


Tags: fesztiválok listája: 2017
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