Read more: Gergely Kesselyákconductor, stage director, festival director

Read more: Balázs Kocsár"Balázs Kocsár learnt composition in the Béla Bartók Secondary School of Music, then conducting at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music where he obtained his degree in 1991 as a student of Prof. Ervin Lukács. He participated in masterclasses of Helmuth Rilling, Péter Eötvös and Jorma Panula, then he finished his studies at the Music Academy of Vienna as the student of Prof. Karl Österreicher.

Read more: Alexander Priorconductor, composer

Born on October 5, 1992 in London – is quite a sensation.

The son of an English farmer and a Russian mother who loves the arts (though she is not a musician), his breathtaking musical development and career were hardly predictable, nor was he encouraged or pushed to become a musician. On the contrary!

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közreműködők: karmester
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Read more: György Selmeczi György Selmeczi represents the composer-conductor type in the most favourable way from inside he feels and undergoes musical structrures, colours, tempos, types, and he is able to communicate them in a purely musical way with a special ability: he plays music reserved, still with pregnancy" (Tibor Tallián).

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