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mikecz webMikecz KornélA bass-bariton opera singer and teacher spent his childhood at the Children’s Choir of the Hungarian Radio. At secondary school he was looking for the most suitable genre to try himself out. Finally, he has found his own artistic way of life in singing and acting. In parallel with that he also studied composing and music theory, and gained extensive experience in studio technology.

His first minor roles were presented at the stage at Szent Istvan Music Academy, in operas such as Rigoletto or the Barber of Sevilla. He could also learn all the useful tricks from well-known artists from this profession.
At the same time, modern theatre creators and directors also paid attention to hís special qualities including recognizable acting, so he received more and more opportunities to sing and act in modern operas.
He cooperated with a good range of modern authors, here is a non exhaustive list: Gyorgy Melis, Laszlo Tihanyi, Tomas Bordalejo, Antoin Daurat, Akos Zarandy, Gyorgy Orbany, Manuel Lopez Jorge and Manuel Lopez Jorge, to mention a few.
He graduated at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, as a singer and he studied Oratorium at Darstellende Kunst Wien. His teachers were: Prof. Nador Magda, Eva Marton, Ilona Tokody and Eric Clapton, Mitsuko Shirai, Cornelia Kallisch, Martina Veh.
His special sense for chamber operas has helped him to get the best out of classical and crossover productions. Studying all the fields of this art, he has never really left the oratoric, classic or dramatic genre.

As he grew older, he turned from an earlier lyrical baritone to more dramatic bass baritone roles. His long time experience has made it possible to open new ways in his performances, and to obtain higher levels in his artistic career.
For all this, there is a persuasive reference from the famous conductors and directors whom he worked with such as Vasary Tamas, Ivan Fischer, Peter Eotvos, Adam Medveczky, Gregory Vajda and Balazs Kovalik, Alfoldi Robert, Ascher Tamas and Jeles Andras.

Since 2013, he has given, together with Javier Lopez Jorge, his Spanish pianist, a number of successful concerts of German song repertoire in Hungary and abroad. The songs by Brahms, Mahler, and Schubert can always be found in their shows.

Mikecz Kornel is currently an artist of the National Theater Brno in the Czech Republic, he debuted in 2019 in the role of Pásek from the oper Littel Cunning Vixen (Janáček). He’s also guest singer of the Hungarian National Opera, and member of the operatic groups A la cARTe, and Moltopera.

On the Operafestival:

16. 06. 2019.
» Péter Eötvös: Golden Dragon


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