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operairoverseny webOf all the works submitted for “Key to the Future” 2016, the Opera Composition Competition organised by Bartók Plus Opera Festival, Miskolc four have been shortlisted for the finals, to be held in Budapest, in the Solti Hall at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music on 13th December 2016. Now, we would like to introduce you to the authors of the finalist pieces!




The contending piece – Jan Jirásek: R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots)

Jan Jirásek

jirasek poerte webJan JirásekWorks by Jan Jirásek have already been performed in several countries of the globe. He composed music and stage music for excellent soloists, and in addition to several chamber music and choral works he also re-composed Lukas Passion using J.S. Bach’s manuscript and Carl Orff’s concept. His works are published by a leading music publisher of the world, Ricordi Berlin.
The music he composed for the films Kytice (The Bouquet), directed by F.A. Brabec and Nejasná zpráva o konci světa (An Ambiguous Report about the End of the World) , directed by Juraj Jakubisko have earned him the prize „Czech Lion” from the Czech Republic.
In addition to composing music, Jan Jirásek devotes his time to education. He teaches composition at prestigious European and Overseas institutions (Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Vienna; ISAM, Ochsenhausen, Germany; Hartt School of Music, Hartford,Connecticut; Colorado College; Florida International University; Lehigh University, Pennsylvania; University of Colorado at Boulder).


The contending piecePéter Lendvai: Tarot mese (Tarot Tale)

Péter Lendvai

lendvaiportre2016 webPéter LendvaiPéter Lendvai studied music at the Liszt Ferenc University Music School in Miskolc where he graduated with a degree as an oboe teacher, wind orchestra leader and chamber musician (1993) and also earned his Master's degree, in 2013. A member of the Orchestra of the Miskolc National Theatre, he is the first oboe player and leader of the woodwind section. He is permanent leader of the Pereces Miners’ Wind Orchestra in Miskolc.
In addition to the orchestration of works by classic and contemporary composers like Bartók, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Donizetti, Rossini, just to mention a few, he also composed several chamber music and solo pieces. His compositions have been performed in concerts, as accompaniment to theatrical performances and in individual musical events at the Miskolc National Theatre, Bartók Plus Opera festival, and the Budapest Autumn Festival, among others.






 The contending pieceSzabolcs Mátyássy : Scaevola

Szabolcs Mátyássy

matyassyportre webSzabolcs MátyássySzabolcs Mátyássy has soon committed himself to both music and the theatre; he learnt to play the piano on the one hand and as a child actor he appeared in several films, on the other. He attended two grammar schools and specialized in music and singing at one and in Italian at the other. At the end of his secondary studies he was admitted to the National Theatre Academy. After his graduation he was an actor in Szeged, then in Veszprém. After an intermezzo – in Sweden, Scotland and China – he graduated from Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music where he studied Composition. Currently he teaches music for undergraduates at the University of Film and Theatrical Arts and studies at the doctoral school of the university. In addition to all that he composes music for the theatre and film, writes operas, oratorios and works for orchestra as well as for solo instruments.







The contending pieceMiklós Szilágyi – György Tibor Horváth: La Prima Donna

Miklós Szilágyi – composer

szilagyi mikoos3 webMiklós Szilágyi Miklós Szilágyi started his music studies in Szombathely – specializing in music and singing on the one hand and choir leading on the other. Then he moved to Kőszeg where he has worked as orchestra leader at the Wind Orchestra of Kőszeg ever since. During his work he gained insight into orchestration, which largely transformed his views on composing music. He further improved his knowledge of music in Debrecen where in the inspiring atmosphere of the university created by excellent teachers and colleagues he wrote his first opera. (The work, Ostrom opera – Kőszeg 1532 (Siege Opera – Kőszeg 1532) by Miklós Szilágyi and György Horváth was presented to the public at Bartók Plus Opera Festival in the form of „reading opera theatre” with piano accompaniment).






György Tibor Horváth – librettist

horvathgyorgytibor webGyörgy Tibor Horváth Tibor György Horváth was born in Budapest and currently lives in the city of his choice, Kőszeg.


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