Once in an interview Alexey Rybnikov said that there were three ways for development of the modern musical theater: experimental laboratory, performing touring troupe and sound and video recording studio.

New shows are passing the period of creation and being put on stage in the laboratory, then promoted through touring worldwide and through the recorded CDs and video production of the studio. Due to all activities the maximum of the public may be interested in the musical theater.

The idea of creation of such kind of a theater was offered by Alexey Rybnikov in the second part of the 1980’s but was realized only in the beginning of the 1990’s. Alexey Rybnikov built and technically equipped the small private theater in the center of Moscow. In 1992 in the small, 40-seat hall „The Liturgy of the Heathens” was put on stage.

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2013. 06. 20.
» Alekszej Ribnyikov: Juno és Avos

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