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Artistic Manifesto of Bartók Plus Opera Festival

operairoverseny webName of the Competition: “Key to the Future” – Opera Composition Competition



– Four Operas Shortlisted for the finals of the Competition »

-- Opera Composition Competition 2016 – The Finalists »

– The winner of the Opera Composition Competition 2016 is Szabolcs Mátyássy »


Aims and Objectives of the Competition: Creating a forum for and drawing attention to new "popular operas" conceived in the spirit of the Artistic Manifesto of Bartók Plus Opera Festival, Miskolc that are capable of luring back large audiences to the opera house.

Eligibility of Applicants: Any natural persons who are contemporary composers can submit their work to the competition, irrespective of their nationality, country of residence or age. The competition is not “anonymous” - one can only apply with full name and address.

The Advertiser of the Competition: Miskolci Operafesztivál Nonprofit Kft. (Seat: 3525 Miskolc, Déryné u. 1; Reg. No.: Cg. 05-09-016624; Represented by: Beáta Farkas, Takács Péterné, managing director). The Advertiser intends to advertise the Competition on a yearly basis, in accordance with its means and purposes, first in the year 2012.

Works to be submitted: Completed Work not yet performed on stage with an orchestra. There are no restrictions concerning the topic, language and the length of the Work. One composer can submit several Works and several authors can submit one joint Work.

Preliminary Registration and the Application Process: Application is possible by submitting the Application Form downloaded from the www.operafesztival.hu website. In the course of Preliminary Registration, this Application Form should be sent to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Completion of each point of the Application Form is mandatory.


The amount of the Application Fee: 150 EUR, payable to Advertiser's following bank account at OTP Bank: HU03 1176 3347 5721 7886 0000 0000.

Submission of the Work: Application documents can only be sent by way of postal delivery.

The following information should be indicated on the envelope, postal parcel etc.:

  • The name of the Advertiser: Miskolci Operafesztivál Nonprofit Kft.
  • Its postal address: Miskolci Operafesztivál Nonprofit Kft., 3501 Miskolc, Pf. 634.
  • The name of the Competition: “Key to the Future” – Opera Composition Competition.
  • The Sender, in other words the Applicant

Materials to be submitted:


1., The full score of the Work on paper and electronic media.

2., A synopsis of the Work summarising the story in maximum 1 page in A/4 format.

3., The duly signed original copy of the Application Form.

4., The banking document verifying transfer of the Application Fee to Advertiser’s bank account.

In addition to the Work (score) Applicants may choose to submit (non-mandatory):

  • The Orchestral Part of the Work;
  • Any other Sound Recording.

Application Deadline: 00:00 hours CET, 22nd August, 2016. The Application Deadline means Delivery to the Advertiser of the Competition.

Professional pre-selection: Works will be judged by a professional Jury consisting of 4-6 experts. The Jury will select 3 of the submitted works that they consider to be most in compliance with the principles of the Manifesto. These Works shall be the Finalists in the competition.

The decision of the professional Jury and the list of the Works shortlisted for the Finals shall be published on 1st October, 2016 on the www.operafesztival.hu website.

Advertiser shall have works shortlisted for the Finals staged at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in partially staged versions with piano accompaniment in the framework of a performance/concert by the Department of Vocal and Opera Studies in the fourth quarter of the year 2016.

The Jury will select and Advertiser will announce the winning Work from the pieces performed in the Finals at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.

The Winner will be announced on the www.operafesztival.hu website within 1 working day following the performance/concert by the Opera Department.

Advertiser will present the entire winning Work in a fully staged opera performance with orchestra at the festival in Miskolc in the year following that of the Competition. Advertiser, however, is not obliged to have the winning Work performed at the Miskolc Opera Festival.

Prizes and Usage Rights: Each Work shortlisted for the Finals will be awarded 1500 EUR.

The winning Work will be awarded additional sum of 4000 EUR and the Advertiser will use its means and purposes to present this Work in a fully staged complete opera performance, at the Bartók Plus Opera Festival the following year.

Usage rights of the Works are treated in detail in the Competition Call:

All payments related to the Competition Prizes and fees shall be effectuated till the thirty-first day of January in 2017. Payment of all prizes shall be effectuated by Advertiser to the bank accounts specified in the Application Form. Taxation shall be in accordance with the legal regulations effective with respect to the Applicants’ nationality or country of residence.

Further questions about the Competition, Participation Criteria or Application Documents can be addressed to: Sára Szakács, the Competition Secretary, at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Official documents

Call for Submission (pdf »)

Competition Regulations (pdf »)

Application Forms (pdf »)


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